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Free telephone consultation

I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your child's needs, offer advice and provide more information to help you decide if you would like to arrange therapy sessions.

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Initial assessment

If you decide you would like me to work with your child, I would need to arrange to meet them to do an initial assessment. This could be at your home or in your child's nursery/pre-school or school setting depending on their needs. This may involve observation of your child, informal assessment through play and/or formal assessment using toys/picture based materials, discussion you and other adults who spend time with your child. I am able to provide a written report and programme of activities for your child with recommendations and advice to further develop their skills.

Therapy sessions

Following the initial assessment, we can discuss whether further therapy is needed and what would best benefit your child. I am able to offer the following in terms of therapy:

  • Direct therapy sessions with your child either at home or in their nursery/pre-school or school setting

  • Demonstration of activities to yourselves and other adults working with your child

  • Further observation of your child in their educational setting and discussion and advice provided to yourselves and other adults working with them

  • Detailed programmes of activities which can be carried out by yourselves and other adults

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Email/telephone consultations

 For some children it may be appropriate to offer further advice/recommendations over the telephone or via email. I am able to offer you ideas to try at home and you can feedback on your progress. There is also the possibility of Skype so I am able to observe your child and provide recommendations accordingly. This will not be appropriate for all children but can be discussed as an option.

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